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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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-- >> for the revenue? we have won election. it is a presidential election, so the costs are higher for th at. >> when you have an additional election you are paying for additional violencballots as wes temporary salaries? >> our costs are fairly consistent. it all depends on the election cycle. the you have questions on the pie charts? for revenue we have more chances for reimbursement.
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that is why you are seeing a higher total your ego -- a higher total. the contract who retires at 2014. good and we will watch that as we move forward. also our lease runs out in 2014 , so that is something we will have to of a conversation about as we go forward. i would like to replicate that in the future. on job creation, every election we get around 1300 high school students, and we are very fortunate that school districts and teachers work with us.
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good they received a small stipend. as far as summer employment is concerned, we have interests throughout the year -- intern's throughout the year. goowe have been doing this for about 10 years. we will have about 1000 workers at the polls. if everything is translated in at least chinese and spanish. we do not rely on an on-line translator. gall of our documents are
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translated online. we work closely with the media to get the word out in activities. we have 26 people we have go through the certification process, and they serve as points of contact for the chinese and spanish-speaking community, and we have year round dedicated phone lines. we have a plan in place for how we would inform people on the cancellation or some sort of impact to the process. did the department is in agreement with recommendations. >> wonderful.
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given that the department is in agreement, is there anything you wish to add? but nothing. >> do we have a motion to except the recommendations? we have that motion. give we will do that without objection. thank you. we will not require you to come back to reagan we have heard all of the budgets for the most part your give we need to take a couple of items and move them forward. give with regards to item 5 n- seven, -- and item 7, do we have a motion to continue those on the 20th? >> we have a motion. >> item 8 through twelve, we
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have heard about them but we cannot act until we have heard public comment. do we have a motion to continue item 8 and 12 on friday. we have a motion. finally, there is a technical adjustment you have submitted to us. generally we simply accept them, but can you speak on that? >> i am submitting first technical adjustment. it includes violence in for a number of departments, correcting some projects to allow the planning committee to reflect capital projects, updating the expenditure and support of housing for city programs curi. this is what the director mentioned earlier this morning,
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and reducing attrition to reflect current staffing levels in the apartment, and correcting some attrition-related entries in the sheriff's office. did the overall cost is zero in the first year and $90,000 in the second year. we are continuing to work with apartments to ensure we have correctly captured everything in the budget, and we will likely introduced a second technical adjustment next week you're good >> -- next week. >> these items we have heard. there is no action on the board for that item, so we have heard all the items. i believe we have no other items before us. >> item 5 and 6 are continued on june 20.
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>> we took a motion to continue on the 20th, and if i can ask to reason that, do we have a motion to reason that both -- rescind that vote. if we can continue item seven on the 22nd. gwe have got that motion and wil do that without objection. >> that completes the agenda. >> we are adjourned.
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